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Start positionLocusFrequencyCpGisland
193158Xp22.33 1yes
193549Xp22.33 1yes
644061Xp22.33 1no
976286Xp22.33 3no
1702172Xp22.33 1no
1981029Xp22.33 6no
11683840Xp22.2 2yes
20160707Xp22.12 1no
27158176Xp21.3 1no
27162381Xp21.3 1no
28604661Xp21.3 1no
38079724Xp11.4 2yes
52964041Xp11.22 1yes
53123254Xp11.22 1yes
53462091Xp11.22 1no
57097173Xp11.21 2no
69675543Xq13.1 1no
119124397Xq24 1yes
152989266Xq28 1yes
154493905Xq28 1yes

Total visible boxes - 20
Total visible sequences - 30

Total boxes with CpG islands - 9
Total sequences with CpG islands - 11