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Start positionLocusFrequencyCpGisland
46804439p24.1 1yes
193798329p22.1 2yes
665365089q13 1no
730291389q21.12 1yes
747364699q21.13 1no
962158199q22.31 1no
969278759q22.32 23yes
982691239q22.32 1yes
1003953739q22.33 1yes
1076893639q31.1 1no
1096251289q31.2 1no
1116959529q31.3 1yes
1130183919q31.3 1yes
1189175259q33.1 1yes
1205694579q33.1 2no
1221321049q33.1 1yes
1256755599q33.2 1no
1307585649q34.11 16no
1310390159q34.11 1yes
1314190459q34.11 2yes
1315345849q34.11 1yes
1316439329q34.11 1yes
1317994059q34.11 1yes
1318726829q34.11 1yes
1325118729q34.11 57no
1325119409q34.11 4no
1325121069q34.11 1no
1325121829q34.11 8no
1328173029q34.11 5no
1329790139q34.11 26no
1330054959q34.11 3no
1334544009q34.11 1yes
1344061889q34.13 3yes
1355465159q34.13 1yes
1360615869q34.2 1no
1363188099q34.2 23no
1370007479q34.2 2yes
1370294869q34.2 1yes
1401491029q34.3 1yes
1403069729q34.3 4no
1410451929q34.3 1yes

Total visible boxes - 41
Total visible sequences - 206

Total boxes with CpG islands - 23
Total sequences with CpG islands - 50