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Start positionLocusFrequencyCpGisland
14510346p25.3 24no
14512896p25.3 16no
16111006p25.3 1yes
32600336p25.2 1yes
71073906p24.3 1yes
75426466p24.3 5yes
99071836p24.3 3no
99725856p24.3 3no
104143756p24.3 1yes
104635466p24.3 197no
106950456p24.2 1yes
122925986p24.1 1no
137408536p23 2no
161798386p22.3 6no
161802966p22.3 5no
204014886p22.3 1no
216653446p22.3 1yes
256522986p22.2 3yes
262850136p22.2 1yes
306402966p21.33 1yes
317893936p21.33 30no
324900846p21.32 1yes
328122806p21.32 1no
328214616p21.32 2yes
332164716p21.32 1yes
332661236p21.32 1yes
386703586p21.2 1yes
414722606p21.1 1no
429902296p21.1 1no
453918566p21.1 1yes
483440226p12.3 28no
568200396p12.1 1yes
642834786q12 1yes
744054106q13 5yes
863040076q14.3 1yes
973450926q16.1 2yes
999693136q16.2 1no
1000370566q16.2 1yes
1098036016q21 411no
1112332576q21 1no
1165753236q22.1 1yes
1166011406q22.1 2yes
1166926326q22.1 1yes
1192560286q22.31 1yes
1278371546q22.33 1yes
1381878796q23.3 1yes
1384827086q23.3 1yes
1530499816q25.2 1no
1577440206q25.3 3yes
1601139336q25.3 3yes
1660779516q27 1yes
1664221316q27 2yes

Total visible boxes - 52
Total visible sequences - 784

Total boxes with CpG islands - 33
Total sequences with CpG islands - 51