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Start positionLocusFrequencyCpGisland
406844p16.3 1no
29645534p16.3 1yes
42506784p16.3 1yes
247969884p15.2 1no
253147004p15.2 1yes
268596644p15.2 1yes
401969774p14 1no
469954164p12 2yes
549661994q12 2yes
796969694q21.21 1yes
813930474q21.21 2no
823917914q21.21 1no
834835764q21.22 2no
844060194q21.23 1yes
881411794q22.1 2yes
907576304q22.1 1no
947502624q22.2 1yes
995792484q23 2yes
1004850084q23 1yes
1008685964q23 1yes
1022698364q24 3yes
1033522244q24 1no
1036819964q24 2yes
1037487624q24 1yes
1209881334q27 1yes
1288020894q28.2 1yes
1404777194q31.1 1yes
1425573914q31.21 2yes
1444345784q31.21 1yes
1460194174q31.21 1yes
1536624084q31.3 197no
1537008854q31.3 2yes
1556646514q32.1 1yes
1640876574q32.2 1yes
1744511424q34.1 1yes
1844253464q35.1 2yes
1848264254q35.1 1yes
1863181454q35.1 1yes
1890268984q35.2 1no

Total visible boxes - 39
Total visible sequences - 247

Total boxes with CpG islands - 29
Total sequences with CpG islands - 39