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Start positionLocusFrequencyCpGisland
130343217p13.3 1yes
346210217p13.2 1no
362794217p13.2 1yes
532344217p13.2 1yes
597336717p13.2 1yes
734312517p13.1 1yes
776157517p13.1 1yes
954750217p13.1 1no
1004449317p13.1 1no
1077845817p12 5no
1714077517p11.2 1yes
1876102417p11.2 1yes
1955233517p11.2 1yes
2111783617p11.2 1yes
2704413917q11.2 1yes
2791833217q11.2 10yes
2856359617q11.2 2no
3370127217q12 1yes
3529241117q12 1yes
3645287617q12 1yes
3778322217q12 1yes
4026884117q21.2 5no
4027369717q21.2 1no
4033923317q21.2 2yes
4111648517q21.31 3yes
4115053217q21.31 1yes
4146612117q21.31 1no
4149624517q21.31 1no
4158187317q21.31 1no
4297691117q21.31 1yes
4321053717q21.31 1yes
4489584017q21.31 1yes
4529869717q21.32 2no
4618087917q21.32 38no
4668858117q21.32 1yes
4669645317q21.32 2yes
4690816817q21.32 1yes
4697011317q21.32 1yes
4707282317q21.32 1yes
4764570817q21.33 8yes
5304606017q22 1yes
5349881017q22 4yes
5467010317q22 1no
5659661117q22 1no
5663329417q22 1no
5797032617q23.1 1yes
6000540217q23.2 1yes
6190479117q23.3 1yes
6250220917q23.3 1yes
6494845117q24.2 1no
6601630817q24.2 2yes
7058827317q24.3 1yes
7150757017q25.1 3no
7303121317q25.1 2yes
7328493817q25.1 1yes
7407160617q25.1 2yes
7407601417q25.1 1no
7426069217q25.1 1yes
7435064017q25.1 3yes
7473397917q25.1 1yes
7484546217q25.2 1no
7655679917q25.3 1no
7896303217q25.3 1no
7937438117q25.3 1yes
7941786617q25.3 5no
7947900717q25.3 1yes
7969793417q25.3 1no
7983019817q25.3 1yes
7993493417q25.3 1yes
8025153717q25.3 1yes

Total visible boxes - 70
Total visible sequences - 151

Total boxes with CpG islands - 47
Total sequences with CpG islands - 73