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Start positionLocusFrequencyCpGisland
73470910p15.3 1yes
558788010p15.1 1no
572734610p15.1 1yes
809602910p14 1yes
1211053210p14 1yes
2525425110p12.1 1no
2546382110p12.1 1yes
2779321610p12.1 1yes
3324557610p11.22 3no
3800025610p11.1 46no
4237032710q11.21 1no
4345575510q11.21 12no
4478898610q11.21 1yes
4557461710q11.21 1no
5407438210q21.1 1yes
6457799410q21.3 1yes
7365370610q22.1 8no
7365399310q22.1 1no
7501220910q22.2 2yes
7511826710q22.2 1yes
7591058610q22.2 2yes
2468377610q12.1 15yes
7934091310q22.3 1no
7934091410q22.3 829no
8966378710q23.31 1no
8966383510q23.31 1no
9075073410q23.31 1yes
9405014310q23.32 3yes
9925760510q24.1 2no
9925788610q24.1 1yes
10126892410q24.2 1no
10198970810q24.31 56yes
10244098510q24.31 2yes
10282699010q24.31 1yes
10305124310q24.32 1yes
10325740310q24.32 16no
10415447410q24.32 4yes
10419250810q24.32 2yes
10495202910q24.33 1yes
10542048710q24.33 1yes
11168267410q25.1 1yes
11225895610q25.2 1yes
11561523010q25.3 1yes
11593446710q25.3 1yes
11803341910q25.3 1yes
12327987310q26.13 4no
12490829810q26.13 1yes
12491372610q26.13 1yes
13385885110q26.3 1no
13414534010q26.3 1yes
13449895910q26.3 1no
13520839410q26.3 1yes

Total visible boxes - 52
Total visible sequences - 1042

Total boxes with CpG islands - 33
Total sequences with CpG islands - 97