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Start positionLocusFrequencyCpGisland
9020921p36.33 1yes
9351311p36.33 1yes
9926361p36.33 1no
10840201p36.33 3no
15895571p36.33 1yes
25862961p36.32 3no
25883411p36.32 1no
26263581p36.32 1no
27457561p36.32 1no
30728311p36.32 1no
37493261p36.32 16no
38176091p36.32 1yes
40940981p36.32 1no
45425631p36.32 1no
61128561p36.31 1no
63067761p36.31 1yes
66400771p36.31 1yes
68450331p36.31 1yes
89387501p36.23 1yes
97483041p36.22 1no
117408821p36.22 1yes
126773651p36.22 1yes
135290651p36.21 21no
137499891p36.21 70no
165072941p36.13 1no
168262951p36.13 1yes
172224051p36.13 1yes
172226611p36.13 1yes
172235861p36.13 1no
184367001p36.13 2yes
216580081p36.12 7no
243452751p36.11 1no
251062561p36.11 1no
268279411p36.11 1no
270187311p36.11 1no
271921951p36.11 1yes
272551281p36.11 1no
279938691p36.11 1no
318676901p35.2 1no
326452621p35.1 1yes
379455031p34.3 1no
412137481p34.2 2no
423839971p34.2 1yes
458061301p34.1 1yes
461518641p34.1 1yes
465980821p34.1 1yes
528697191p32.3 1yes
533939371p32.3 1yes
536478541p32.3 2no
615156981p31.3 2yes
626317001p31.3 5no
656138031p31.3 1yes
682983971p31.3 1yes
781481431p31.1 1yes
781483961p31.1 1yes
859313651p22.3 1yes
929504801p22.1 1yes
932513631p22.1 1yes
955387851p21.3 1yes
1005986181p21.2 2yes
1008008421p21.2 1no
1085083731p13.3 1yes
1087421011p13.3 1yes
1143552991p13.2 1yes
1153003091p13.2 3no
1161840931p13.1 1yes
1161842231p13.1 3yes
1176024191p13.1 2yes
1176031071p13.1 2yes
1196828761p12 1yes
1436641041q21.1 1yes
1436872811q21.1 1yes
1459909791q21.1 1yes
1459913511q21.1 12yes
1477359381q21.2 2yes
1491380991q21.2 2yes
1500869661q21.2 1no
1501223181q21.2 2yes
1512535721q21.3 4yes
1514839771q21.3 1yes
1519671651q21.3 1no
1538533331q21.3 25no
1545319681q21.3 1yes
1550356761q22 1yes
1556577971q22 2yes
1563082761q22 2yes
1600017181q23.2 1yes
1614412081q23.3 2yes
1657379731q24.1 1yes
1670361371q24.1 1no
1700436591q24.2 1yes
1812872371q25.3 1yes
1813816461q25.3 1no
1813819321q25.3 1no
1831733661q25.3 1no
1834410941q25.3 1yes
1909841531q31.2 1no
1971709621q31.3 1yes
2004536731q32.1 2no
2014941451q32.1 1no
2054252231q32.1 1yes
2056471671q32.1 1no
2115566951q32.3 1yes
2168968631q41 1no
2235364981q41 1yes
2287447751q42.13 4yes
2287457621q42.13 1yes
2287834011q42.13 2yes
2314728761q42.2 3yes
2467293451q44 1yes

Total visible boxes - 110
Total visible sequences - 290

Total boxes with CpG islands - 68
Total sequences with CpG islands - 101